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Sunrise Alarm Clock Using a LED Strip Series Posts

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In this series I will make my own light based alarm clock using raspberry pi and python. Let me show you the idea, and how I've done it step by step. This series contains 6 parts.

a LED strip on top of an early sunrise view on the beach

The Idea and Details About Sunrise Pialarm


Part 1

My custom sunrise alarm clock using a LED strip. Read about the why, what and how.

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a raspberry pi with a LED strip connected to it

How to Connect a LED Strip to a Raspberry Pi


Part 2

Easy steps to connect the LED to the board. I will provide you a simple test script too.

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a hand holding a remote control with a led strip in the background

Python Class to Control an RGB LED Strip on a Raspberry Pi


Part 3

A python class to use the LED with ease. Step-by-step tutorial.

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a paper calendar, 31 days are on it

My 31 Days Passcode Based System for My Sunrise Alarm


Part 4

If I want to stop my Sunrise Pialarm, I have to enter that day's passcode. I will show you how I generate them.

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sunrise with a loop icon on top of it

My Own Schema to Create Colorful Sunrise


Part 5

Control the colors of the LED based on a specific data structure. Define a sunrise easily.

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Pi Alarm title, a time input with apply button next to it, a text input with stop button next to it, cobweb in the background

Finish Line, Web Interface of My Sunrise Alarm


Part 6

The script that joins all modules. Schedules the alarm, provides the web interface.

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