image icons and a rocket, different size of image icons, brain and image icon

Astro Web Image Performance Series Posts

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Learn about how to automatically optimize images on the web in Astro. It is simple, let me show you. This series contains 3 parts.

a galaxy background, lots of image icons laying around, in the center there is a rocket launching up

I Boosted the Site's Performance with Better Images

web development

Part 1

I optimized the images on my personal blog. Let me tell you the goals of this series.

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a futuristic background, 7 image icons next to each other, the image icons are getting smaller and smaller

Automatic Responsive Image Generation with an Astro Hook

web development

Part 2

Resized, compressed, formatted pictures. Use an Astro hook to automatically format images.

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an astronaut in the background, in the foreground there is a brain icon and an image icon

CleverImage Astro Component for My Responsive Images

web development

Part 3

Create responsive images in pure HTML with the CleverImage component. Let me show you how easy it is.

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