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How I Created My Workout Plan

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In the past I made my own workout plan. Let me share how I did it.

Quick Gym Journey

When I was in elementary school I went to basketball trainings. After few years I had enough of it. I switched it to working out in the gym. In the beginning I went with my family members. I did all kinds of stuff, testing out what people actually do in a gym. I thought about the idea of a workout plan when I have been already working out for a while. First, my sister made it for me. After loads of gym sessions I decided to make my own workout plan which I have been doing consistently for 1 year now.

Why did I tell you this? Just so you can see, that you must have some experience before thinking about making own workout plans. Lots of people (including myself) advises that you should first get to know the gym and after get some basic workout plan from someone.

How Did I Make One

My first thing was that I searched up existing workout plans. Of course, trainers made workout plans and those should be the best to follow. While those set of exercises where OK, I wasn’t so sure about them. I soon realized that there are lots of type of routines you can follow. I decided to make my own plan with one main goal: create the best workout routine that fits me. The steps below are how I made my own routine, I am not a professional so follow on your own responsibility.

Step #1 - How Much Time Will You Spend on Training?

How many days per week? How many hours per workout? Which week days? Will it be in the morning or afternoon? How many off days will you have per week?

Step #2 - What Muscles Do You Want to Train?

Look at some workout routines and look at the main muscles they build. After you have the parts, arrange them, so it fits the days you picked in the first step. Make sure to create a well-balanced arrangement. You should aim to train with the same energy on every workout. For example: working out your upper body on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then chilling 4 days isn’t a well-thought-out plan because on Wednesday you are going to be too exhausted.

Step #3 - What Exercises Will You Perform?

Now comes the best part. Look at content about each muscle and collect the exercises. Make sure to choose the ones that fit you. Be on a lookout for the set and rep counts too. It is also beneficial if you research that exercise and note down the typical mistakes that people make, so you avoid those. I advise you to look at Jeremy Either’s videos.

Step #4 - Do the Routine

Do the routine. If something is off, then think the routine through and edit it.

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