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What Did I Learn Series

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Let me introduce a new series. A series of interesting things I learned from my web related projects.


I recently finished my first cool project, a web application for my dad and his friends. They play football almost every week. The app they requested from me makes it possible to write in if you are going to come or not to the next occasion. The next 3 dates and who comes to play can be viewed.

I made few other cool projects before (for example Influence Some), so I kind of know how to go from an idea to an app. I started to develop my own framework for project creation. It helps to create projects smoothly by showing a clear route from idea to first MVP release. Few more projects are required for me to notice the clear patterns by which the framework can be developed, but I discovered a clear last step. The last step after you finish a project’s first phase should always be to ask: What did I learn from this project?

What Did I Learn From This Project?

It is necessary to think about this question. What was new? What did you notice? What mistakes you made? By answering these questions you can develop yourself, and you can be better in future situations.

I decided to make a series of blog posts about my learnings, so you can learn from them too! Also, it helps me to deep dive into certain topics more which makes me study more.

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