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Series Feature, Zoomable Images

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I updated the blog! I want to show you 4 new things. Lots of new updates happened (small fixes too), in this post I will describe the main ones. I will keep it short, I will let you explore the updates by yourself.


Now the series page works! Series are connected posts put into a list. Each one has its own page. If a post is part of a series, it will be under it as a detail. Furthermore, if a post is in a series, on the bottom of the page a next and previous part button is available.

Zoomable Images

Works on a blog post page, like this one. Thumbnails, or any images in the post can be zoomed by clicking on them. To close it tap anywhere or just scroll.

Timezone Sync

Any time, date related text now syncs with the reader’s timezone. Previously, it was fixed to a timezone (UTC) and format.

Copy Button

Copy any code block with one click! Find it in the top right corner.

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