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Free AI Search Engine to Enhance Productivity

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I have been using Phind almost every day. Sometimes it is just better than any simple search engine.

The Search Engine

AI products and services are everywhere, and I am annoyed by it too. Trust me, this is a good one.

Phind is a free AI search engine. You write in a query, and it shows the search results plus writes a summary of it. The special thing is that it scans the results and writes the summary based on those pages. It even includes links to the content where the information is from. It uses OpenAI’s Chat-GPT. Giving actual content to back up the AI’s knowledge base is powerful, because you get back fresh facts!

Their targeted customers are developers, but this is just marketing. It can be used for any topic.

Boost Every Day Life

I use it almost every day. Because it does not even require a login, I can use it seamlessly on any device any time. It is fast too, so you don’t have to wait much for the results.

The possibilities that you can use Phind for are endless. I listed the 3 best use cases below.

Use It as Simple Chat-GPT

Overall, it is just an AI behind the curtains, so sometimes I leverage that. For example, I give it tasks. A regular search engine can’t solve full programming tests. Before they updated this site it was even better, because you could use Chat-GPT 4. That is a cleverer and faster version, which for free is a gift (at OpenAI you have to pay some money to use this version).

Search for Complex Questions

If I can’t express myself with keywords, I just type my long complicated question here. It can figure out what I want to say.

Ask for Tutorials

There are occasions when I can’t find a short, easy to follow tutorial. The AI can shorten tutorials for me.

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