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Learn One Programming Language and Know Most of Them?

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Most of the time you can easily get into other similar languages if you know one.


In school we started to learn PHP which I already worked with for a few months. I haven’t done it in a half year, but I can use it effortlessly after a small refresh.

Few years ago I started with Python, a simple high-level programming language. After it, I could easily learn JavaScript. From there PHP was even easier. It seemed so straightforward to use them!

I haven’t used any low-level languages like Zig or Rust. It may be a challenge, but it would be definitely easier after knowing other languages.

Learn One

When I started programming I wasn’t really sure what language to start with. As I heard, lots of people don’t understand a very important mindset when learning programming. You aren’t learning a language, you are learning the logic and the basics of programming. If you understand this, then you won’t spend hours finding the “best” language that can get you a job right away. The barriers aren’t that strict. Even after learning Python, you can start using VBA!

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