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I Prepare Extremely and Early by Learning Finance and Economics

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I use up two ideas from two books to boost my chances to succeed. The fastlane and essentialism.

Two Ideas From Two Books

The idea of learning finance and economics before starting my actual entrepreneur journey did not pop into my mind. I am not that guy who wakes up one day and says: “It would be so fun to learn finance or economics, why not?“.

Why I Learn These?

I’ve read the idea of studying finance and economics in The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. If you are planning to be an entrepreneur, if you will have a company then you must know the basics of these two things. MJ DeMarco really emphasizes the importance of control. You need to be in full control over your business. You have to be in charge of the finance side of the things. Even a financial advisor won’t save you, you don’t know what he talks about! Till you don’t know the basic concepts you are not in control.


Extreme and early preparation is part of the Essentialism mindset. Here I will credit the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown here. I know I will need these skills somewhere along my journey. You can’t predict the unexpected, when exactly it will be needed. Create a buffer by preparing. I do it extremely by finding and fully immersing myself into the best courses. I am early because I don’t even have a company yet.


Here are the two free courses I follow:

I note out every bit of it for three reasons:

  1. Helps me to remember more easily
  2. I will have a trustworthy easy to search source
  3. I boost the theoretical value of it (invest more time in it => I value it more)

There are so much information on the internet. If I could, I would learn for months (but that does not fit my plan). I love learning things like these. It is good to see how well I can learn if I do it for my own sake, and it is not forced on me like in school.

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