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How Many People You Helped Today?

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I recently discovered that I have to start helping people every day. Let me explain.

Just Help

About a week ago I was on The Fastlane Forum and stumbled upon a great post. It’s about that you need to start helping people especially if you are on the entrepreneur path. The main point of a business is to provide value and help someone. Why not start today? Please go and look at the post titled Who Have You Helped, it is really valuable.

I Do It Too

My favorite forum is IndieHackers and there are tens of posts made there every day. Lot of them are unnoticed. So what I do is go to the list of the newest posts and start answering and helping people however I can. It feels great! Plus I can connect with like-minded people too. I already talked to about 3 guys from IH on Twitter, because I helped them. I will try to maintain this habit.

A graph about "Interactions Made by me On IndieHackers". It spikes up in July.

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