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Name Order Change, New About Page, Separate Contact Page

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I updated a few things on the site. Modified my name’s order, updated the about page and more! I will keep it short, here is the list down below.

Name Order Change

My first name is Viktor and my family name is Tömő (or Tomo, so people don’t get confused). Before this update I referenced my name how it should be referenced in Hungary, family name is first. I decided to change that, and updated my name to the English grammatically correct name.

New About Page

The about page is now more exciting. It now includes an image of me with a great story about my journey. You can better understand who I am by reading the story. I advise you to read it!

Separate Contact Page

I made a contact page, so it can be shared more easily.


I bought 2 more domains which serve as “aliases”:

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