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My Favorite Quote From a Television Series

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This favorite quote is from the series called Mr. Robot.

The Quote and Its Meaning for Me

One of my favorite TV shows is Mr. Robot which I finished few years ago. It is a fantastic series, I recommend it especially for people who are into tech. In Season 9, Episode 2 few powerful sentences caught my attention.

Elliot says: ”You’re only seeing what’s in front of you. You’re not seeing what’s above you.

After I understood actually what this can mean it became my favorite quote from a television series. These two sentences mean the following in my understanding: you are too focused on the thing(s) that are in front of you that you ignore the bigger picture. For me this is a very powerful reminder. I tend to do useless things, when I should just stop and think about what is the current main goal by which I can readjust my actions.

For example, I work on a project where my main goal is to reach a minimal version of the app. While I work on the app I implement features or do special code that aren’t needed currently and may not be useful anytime soon overall. Instead, I shall stop and get back on the actual track that will help me reach the minimal product without extra things.

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