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I Am Back with some Tips and a New Series

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My last few weeks were all about configuring my setup. In this series I will show my best findings.

I Am Back

I haven’t posted since 2023 October. Although I didn’t wanted it to, the whole blogging thing just faded away from my life. I haven’t been doing that much programming except the things we do in school, so I became a bit lost. Now I am back. I have lots of projects in my mind, I will definetly post about those too. I wanted to really feel like now is the time to get back in the game, so I made lots of changes to my work setup.

What Did I Do?

I started to watch lots of content from @ThePrimeagen and I stumbled upon his Frontend Masters Developer Productivity course. I saw some really great stuff in it, so I decided I should redo my whole PC setup. Build from the ground up.

First, I needed a fresh Linux install. I used Garuda Linux which was great for a beginner distro, but after being a user of it for about 2 years I got bored of it. I switched to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu was different. The whole look of my desktop changed. I think the defauls are ugly (glad you can customize everything). The package manager is now apt instead of pacman. You get Ubuntu Premium ads in some places. However at the end, it was Linux.

I made huge amount of changes. Now I use things I haven’t used before. All my configuration and setup stuff is available on my GitHub: .dotfiles, ansible. Dotfiles contain the configs, ansible is the place where my processes are which need to be ran so the things I use are installed well. These two repositories are great because now I can take my developer workspace anywhere. Just give me a laptop with Ubuntu on it and in a few minutes I will have the same setup installed like I have on my PC at home.


This series will contain things I made and discovered during making my new Linux environment. Topics like switching to i3 windows manager or lots of custom scripts I made will appear for sure.

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