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Small Web Design Nuggets

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Let me share with you 3 quick web design tips I discovered recently.

1. Sketch Some

Before starting the design, get a pen and paper and start drawing. Be simple and only draw the functional features. This is your time to be creative and think about what is the best representation for your users. Create a few different versions of your page. Switch up and try things out, later it will just be harder.

2. The Cycle

Instead of spending days (if not weeks) designing your whole project’s UI, work in cycles. Once you finish a part of your (sketch and) design, make it real. While you make it real, you might discover that the design is not good in some parts, so it will be easier to fix it in the real interactive version of it. In your design you can’t create every edge case, but you easily can when actually creating it with code. So design a part of it, then site build, then repeat this cycle.

3. Design Minimal Amount

It isn’t a must to create all the pages of the site. You also can’t create every edge case. It is okay to leave the design early. Many times I stopped at half of the process, because I’ve got familiar with the overall feeling of the site, thus making it useless to design more. There is no need for another visual view of the UI if you can already implement it, and it also fits.

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