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The Beginning of My Blog

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I am Viktor, I made my own blog where I will document what I learn on a day-to-day basis while I move towards my main goal: entrepreneurship. Read about the idea, the site and what posts to expect. You can read more about who I am on the About page.

The Idea

I discovered a few months ago that writing content is a great routine for multiple purposes. Like all habits, it builds discipline. I can finally put on my producer glasses and start publishing value instead of consuming other people’s content. I can share my thoughts with the world, because of the internet I can reach people literally anywhere, anytime - I want to find like-minded people and form good relationships. Furthermore, my native language is Hungarian, so now there will be a place where I can always hone my English skills.

I did not know how to start and what even I should do. I even experimented with an idea, a page where I would’ve posted my opinions and advices about landing pages. A landing page is kinda like the front of a newspaper, it has to get people’s attention, it must make you read it. I played a little with this idea, then eventually it faded away, and I totally forgot it. Then my final push came, one day I was reading a book from Russel Brunson, and it talked about why documenting your journey is good and how you should do it. You have to start now and just show up, don’t think about anything just do it. I wondered about how I should consistently put out content, and finally I chose blogging. I needed a site.

The Site

One thing was sure: I wanted my own custom site. I looked at other blogging platforms but decided not to use them as main channel due to the lack of customization or the paywall it had. I knew it will be a fun and useful project, so I did not care about how much time I put into it. Summed up, the final time I developed it is about 30 hours. Every part of the website is made by me. I made a design too before starting the real development, it pretty much matches with the final product.

design about Tomo Viktor's blog site
The design of All blog posts page

I think mixing in my own personality is really essential. Like in cooking, good food needs love. The small details, creative ideas give it a better look. For example the 404 not found page or the drawings on the main page, they are drawn by me, it is my uniqueness.

empty hallway with a door drawing
The 404 page's drawing, an empty hallway with a door taking you back to the home page


The current state of the site is the base. There are blog posts with a banner, title, published date and a topic. There are topics and each has its own filtered page. An about page is available too, where I tell who am I.

I have lots of ideas what could be a good feature update both for me, and to the readers. Some formal things that are almost unseeable and bigger things, for example, an email newsletter. If I update something on the site it will be posted as a post, I made this information topic for this purpose too.

First I need to produce content, that should and will be in focus. Content plus commitment and then feature updates.


There is no analytics on the site, meaning I can’t see how many people access which part of the site, also I don’t know where traffic comes from. This helps me with committing to blogging. I can’t see if someone even reads my post, I don’t need to think about these things. I can’t even get demotivated. I just need to trust my habit of writing and publishing. It’s similar to an advertisement poster. I don’t know who looks at my poster and if someone even likes it. I just know it from the direct responses they give me.

I will only have one way to communicate with readers: if they reach out to me (via email). That is why any email my readers (even you, behind the screen) write to me has huge value, especially if it has a positive message.

Posts to Expect

To be honest: daily thoughts from me. Thoughts from books, about self-improvement, about tech, about fitness. All I know is that I will document. Look at the topics on the main blog list page for the main things I write about.

I hope you will have a good time on my blog site, thanks for reading through this introduction post!

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