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A Story About Living in the Now

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A coincidence made me aware that I should start to live in the current moment. Let me share my little story with you.

The Story

I have been working on my own project. This project will be my first try with selling something. It is really important for me. There was a particular part that I was stuck with for days. This doesn’t happen to me often, so I was frustrated.

The story starts on one of these frustrating day. I did some programming, but soon burnt out and started to procrastinate. The start of the event I wanted to go to was around the corner, so it was time for me to stop what I was doing and get up and go out.

I went with public transportation. I was sitting on the subway. Up until that point all I have been thinking about was my project. Then I became aware that my mind was too occupied with this. If I didn’t solve while trying all day, then how would I do it sitting 30 minutes away from my computer?

I decided to take out my phone and read some of my notes from the book called On the Shortness of Life. This book is originally written by Seneca, who was a Stoic philosopher. The text is about time, and how short life can feel like. We have enough time, but we don’t use it. Part of my note’s conclusion was that I should live in the present moment.

While I was reading my notes, I heard “The next stop is Kossuth Lajos square” from the announcer speakers. I quickly looked up at the display, so I confirm what I have just heard. The stop wasn’t familiar… something was off. I quickly looked at the board that shows the order of the stops. It turned out that I went pass by my stop.

I thought it isn’t a big problem, I will get back with the next subway. I was also sure about one thing: forget what happened at home, and mind what is happening right now. Most of the time it is more important to concentrate on the now, than on the past or future.

Moments later the vehicle started to slow down, the next stop was here. I stood up, looked out of the window and saw the text “Deák Ferenc square”. I instantly smiled. After all, I was at my stop. There I was at the place where I wanted to get off originally. The previous stop announcement was a mistake made by the system.

I think this is a fascinating coincidence. It’s like faith gave me another chance. From that point of the day, I was sure that I need to focus on what is happening currently.

Few of My Notes From The Shortness of Life

I love reading this book, I advise you to start reading it. Daily Stoic motivated me to take this into my hands. It is a book that should be read over and over again. I always find new information in it. Here are 5 things from my notes, so you can see how valuable it is:

While these points may seem obvious, it is a good training for your mentality. It can “wake” you up, like it happened to me on the subway. I hope by studying it multiple times I can iron these into my head and carry it with me where ever I go.

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