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Arnold Schwarzenegger's “Not Thinking” Morning Routine

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Arnold Schwarzenegger who is known as bodybuilder, actor and politician has a great morning routine strategy. It’s about not thinking.

Arnold’s Great Strategy

In a YouTube video by Men’s Health Arnold states how he arranges his mornings. He says “The only reason why someone doesn’t want to go to the gym when they get up is because you were thinking. That’s the biggest mistake you can make. I don’t think.” Furthermore, he tells when he starts thinking: “Then after when it’s all finished now, when I go and have my breakfast. That’s when I start thinking.” The main reason he does this is that he feels that working out doesn’t just build the body, but it helps the brain too. After gym, he feels more clear minded and positive.

What We Can Learn From It

Every advice in its literal understanding can be useful. I think if we go further down on the though that Arnold shared, then we can get more out of it. Personally I don’t go to the gym in the morning, nor I want to, but I still find this advice helpful.

First do your morning habit and then start thinking what today has to offer. There are several occasions when you don’t want to start the morning right away. For example, you are stressed about how hard today is going to be, or you didn’t sleep much that night. Whatever it is, don’t think just start the day. Do few things before you start thinking what your day will look like. That thing you do can be anything, from washing your face, to reading a book. After you started the day and did something, you can think about the future with a clearer mind. This is somewhat similar to the saying that the first thing you should do in the morning is make your bed.

Alter advices to get more out of it.

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