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Align Your Goals

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Whenever we are talking about future or current goals, they have to be connected to each other. A good method from a book called The One Thing.


I’ve read The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan. The main topic of the book is the importance of focusing on the most essential task at hand to achieve extraordinary results. You have to read it, every chapter is filled with information that can be applied right away.

After reading it, I processed all the information I’ve learned. One part of the book helped me to avoid a huge mistake.

The Discovery

I have been going through my notes and thinking about every bit of it. Then I reached a method called Goal Setting to the NOW.

The method is about creating a chain of goals. Each goal is your most important ONE Thing, only one thing. A timeline where your future goals are all connected to each other. Like dominoes that are lined up. You identify your someday goal and scale it down to your daily or current goal. The author advises these time frames: someday > five years > one year > one month > one week > today > now. By writing them down and linking your goals, you can achieve more.

I’ve done the same thing. I’ve written down my goals for the periods mentioned above. When I wrote down my weekly goal I realized something. It has nothing to do with the future ones. In case you are wondering, my idea was to do my app to catch the bus in one week. It does not fit into my repertoire, so I am going to cancel all my plans related to it.

I modified some things on the method, instead of strictly using the time frames the author gave me I used my own. Furthermore, I created two individual categories in each one: career and fitness.

Try it out, align your goals!

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