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Read Fictional Books

self improvement

Fictional books aren't bad, like I thought before. I will share my story and write down why you should read them too.

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Stop Calculating when to Leave Your Home to Catch the Bus


A web app to catch the bus using simple calculations. I am going to share my idea and development progress with you.

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Master Books with Digitalized Notes


Non-fiction books educate you. Create digitalized notes to remember the knowledge that the author gives you.

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Don't Even Think About Releasing a Website without Reading This!

web development

With these simple methods, you can improve social media representation and SEO. Have better appearance and click-through rates from social media while you enhance search engine ranks.

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Free System-Wide Website Blocking to Increase Productivity


Create a free system-wide website blocking with a domain list. Use existing ones or create your own with this simple script.

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How I Track My Progress with the Easy Gem Paper Clip Method


I have been tracking my progress with the easy gem paper clip method, with it, I can stay productive and really visualize my growth. Inspired by the authors of two famous books: Atomic Habits and The Millionaire Fastlane.

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The Beginning of My Blog

site information

I am Viktor, I made my own blog where I will document what I learn on a day-to-day basis while I move towards my main goal: entrepreneurship. Read about the idea, the site and what posts to expect.

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