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My Favorite Quote From a Television Series

self improvement

This favorite quote is from the series called Mr. Robot

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Quick Web Accessibility Tip

web development

Part 4 of What Did I Learn From This Project?

A web accessibility tip that is about color contrast. Chrome DevTools makes this easy.

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lots of food for breakfast

Arnold Schwarzenegger's “Not Thinking” Morning Routine

self improvement

Arnold Schwarzenegger who is known as bodybuilder, actor and politician has a great morning routine strategy. It's about not thinking.

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Reviewing Landing Pages

for fun

I like to help people with their landing page. This is my new habit.

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Learn One Programming Language and Know Most of Them?

pure opinion

Most of the time you can easily get into other similar languages if you know one.

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a guy working out in a well lit gym, in the background there are some barbels

How I Created My Workout Plan


In the past I made my own workout plan. Let me share how I did it.

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a guy sitting on the side of the bed looking at the clock, it's night

At some Point, the Day Must End

self improvement

When do you go to sleep? I think there is a time after which nothing good will happen.

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Name Order Change, New About Page, Separate Contact Page

site information

I updated a few things on the site. Modified my name's order, updated the about page and more!

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Few people getting off the underground subway

A Story About Living in the Now

self improvement

A coincidence made me aware that I should start to live in the current moment. Let me share my little story with you.

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one guy helping up another guy from the ground

How Many People You Helped Today?

self improvement

I recently discovered that I have to start helping people every day. Let me explain.

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