Hi, I am Viktor

I am a 17 years old guy, an IT student from Hungary. I enjoy web development and prioritize self-improvement, along with frequent gym workouts. This blog will be a documentation of what I learn or do on a day-to-day basis while I move towards my main goal: to have a successful business. I am very ambitious, I always level up and plan my next few steps. For me, living a really healthy life both physically and mentally is important. I have been working out in the gym seriously for about 3 years, and I follow my own training plan which requires me to go to the gym 3-4 times a week.

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How Did I Come up with the Idea of Entrepreneurship?

Playing as a Child

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When I was a little kid I used to play with Legos. If they talked about fun, I could only think about one thing: Lego. I grew up, and my new amusement became the popular video game named Minecraft. The main point of Lego and Minecraft is to build something with blocks. Both honed my creativity, there was always something to build. I’ve also got myself into the advanced part of the Minecraft, executing commands. Commands could do almost anything, with text you tell the game what to do. This feature of games are like programming, you exactly tell the computer what to do. Over time, I’ve become interested in IT. I went into all kinds of IT related summer camps, where I’ve learned programming basics through play.

I was just a child, playing games. Switching between things like crazy. In reality, I had a desire. Around the age of 11 I strived to create something unique that is in someway useful. Something that I could show to my friends and family, and they would be happy about it. I wanted them to be proud of my great work. It never really worked out. Like a rollercoaster: I tried, I went back to just playing games, then I tried to do something productive again.

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I tried to build something in Minecraft. I could create small things, but I didn’t want to get stuck at that level. I wanted to do big projects, like the things I saw in YouTube videos. For example an adventure map with a story line, challenges and exciting fights - like an own game inside Minecraft. I knew how to do these, but somehow I’ve always got stuck after I started it. Few years later I tried to develop my own mobile apps in App Inventor. I think I had great ideas, but small execution. Unfortunately, I stuck with this too. There were too many questions in my head, and I wanted to reach so much. I dropped this whole creativity thing, but in the back of my mind it still bugged me in someway.


Before the end of elementary school, I was browsing the internet and I saw a video about programming. This time, it was actual programming code written. I thought: If all big projects are made in real programming languages, I should start learning one. I started to learn Java, but quickly stopped it and transferred to a more beginner-friendly language. At 13, I’ve learned my first ever programming language called Python, all by myself. I’ve followed through a long YouTube playlist. I did small projects to practice then I eventually tried harder and harder things. At that time, my most far-reaching project was a Discord bot. Discord is a voice and chat app that allows friends to communicate via voice, video, or text, and join servers where larger communities gather. A bot in this app is an automated program that runs specific activities in chats. For example a bot can do moderation or generating sentences based on how users talk. This project was complex and definitely challenging, it helped me to learn a lot.

Then again, I’ve lost huge part of my drive to progress with programming and with that, my opportunity to create was bygone. I went through different phases, but I could never find my true place. I tried to live the “ordinary” life.

Video game addiction

I've got addicted to playing video games. Sometimes I stood up till 3AM. Time passed by so fast that I didn't even notice it, I always wanted more.

Half playing, half creating

I tried to create some, but at the end I've got back to playing games. Games were boring, but the habit of playing always pulled me back. My biggest project was my own web based password manager.

Having a job

I had an opportunity to work at an IT company. I took it happily, and enjoyed it. I learned very important stuff. It was a great experience. Time went by fast, I worked for about a year.

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New Opportunity

I started to improve myself few months before I quit my job. I needed more time to develop and think. My main studies were from books and videos. The book that helped me the most is The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco.

DeMarco suggests that the traditional path to wealth, such as saving, investing, and waiting for retirement, is too slow and ineffective. Instead, he proposes the “fastlane” journey that involves creating a business that generates income quickly and sustainably.

I had my “aha” moment. As DeMarco emphasizes too, for extraordinary results extraordinary thinking is needed. I must create my own business, and provide something for people.

I prepared extremely by studying various topics for months. The only thing now is to start and do. I will do everything to reach my goals or else I can head back to the ordinary way of living life.


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